New Graphic Tee Shirts at Keystone Clothiers at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Keystone Clothiers offer guests a new array of graphic tee shirt apparel for adults. Shoppers can select from a light blue retro Walt Disney World logo shirt featuring beloved Walt and Mickey. Lion King fans can display images of Timon and Pumbaa on a dark blue tee shirt. Likewise, a grey Sebastian image tee conveys the bold message: “The Human World is a Mess”. Guests in search of coordinated couple’s tops can purchase black and white colored tees lettered with “Power” on the man’s and “Couple” on the woman’s. A Mickey tee shirt is available with the Mouse proclaiming:” I don’t do matching shirts”. Additional apparel selections on Keystone Clothiers racks include a novel slogan tee “I’ll do it Tomorrowland “,  in addition to brightly colored Nike men’s golf shirts complete with an arm sleeve Mickey image.

The force will be with you always!

John Capos

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