Guest Parking Lot and Resort Bus Center Construction Update for August 29, 2018 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Construction activity continues on the Park’s future main entrance roadway as well as in additional vehicle parking areas. As evident in the brand new photos below, the future ticket plaza is undergoing painting while access roadway leading from Osceola Parkway has been paved. Crews continue to complete their work on a broad expanse of new paved parking spaces yet to be opened. For guests traveling by Disney resort buses, temporary arrival and departure continues from the newly opened charter bus pick up area. Large shade umbrellas are present in the temporary resort bus cues to help comfort waiting riders. Meanwhile, photos below depict the ongoing work to complete the permanent resort bus guest loading and unloading cues while other crews are finalizing the demolition of the original resort bus arrival and departure locations.

The force will be with you always!

John Capos

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